At TwentySix2 Marketing, we invest a lot of time, money and energy into employee training. Training for employees varies depending on their position, but we do ask every employee to do some learning on their own by reading 5 books that we think helps set our agency apart from others. We have a complex training system to arm our employees with the skills necessary to be great account managers and to deliver amazing results for clients, but these 5 books are the first step in that journey. So what is our secret sauce? What does every employee have to do in the first 3 months of working at TwentySix2 Marketing?

The 5 Books Everyone Must Read

  1. 5 Books for Digital Account ManagersThe E-myth Revisited
    This book helps our employees understand the value of clear, documented business processes, which help us deliver consistent results for our clients.

  2. Getting Things Done
    This classic time management book helps our younger employees understand how to juggle all the tasks we ask them to do in the most efficient and effective way.

  3. The Trusted Advisor
    Since we are in the business of guiding our clients on the best way to grow their businesses, we all strive to become our client’s most trusted advisor. Yes, our Atlanta online marketing agency focuses on  paid search, SEO, content marketing and more, but the most important thing we deliver is intelligent strategy.

  4. Traction
    Speaking of marketing strategy, nothing is more common than a strategic plan that turns into “shelfware”. We have found the best way to implement any business or marketing strategy is to break things down into quarterly game plans with weekly follow up. Sounds so simple, but only a few organizations know how to execute.

  5. Predictable Revenue
    Last but not least, we have to ask our folks to learn digital marketing, and we really like this book, so it’s a good place to start.


Self Education

Atlanta Google AdWords ExpertsOnce our digital account managers and other team members get through these 5 books, we fully expect them to continuously improve on their own by continually reading the most relevant blogs and websites. In fact, a passion for online marketing is the most important thing we look for in the interview process.

The bottom line is that things change really fast in the world of online marketing and the only way to keep up to to keep up, read, learn, teach and keep at it some more. We have spent years developing an amazing 6 month training program that is self directed. If you don’t love this stuff, you will never make it in the digital marketing agency world.