With over 70 million blogs on the Web, searching for the best blogs can be an overwhelming process.  The good news is, there are a lot of “Top Blog” lists out there.  Everyone likes a Top 10 list – especially in the blogosphere where we like to scan.

The most well known top blog list is from Technorati.  This a list of the Top 100 Most Popular Blogs on the Web.  This list is based on the number unique links acquired in the last six months.

Another great list that focuses on marketing blogs is The Power 150 Top Marketing Blogs by Todd And.  Todd’s rating system is based on:

  1. Google PageRank
  2. Bloglines Subscribers
  3. Technorati Ranking
  4. Subjective Ranking by the List Author

There is also a list of over 300 Search Engine Marketing Blogs.  Of course, our favorite search engine marketing blog is right here.

These top blog lists serve two purposes.  First, these lists help us all find the best of the best.  Second, they serve as link bait for these sites.  People all over the Web link to these lists of top blogs and check them regularly for updates. 

Once you have found a few blogs you like, you should check out NetVibes.  They have a great tool that enables you to browse the lastest headlines from your favorite blogs all in one place.  And you can setup different tabs for the different types of blogs you like to read. 

I read over 100 blogs using this great tool on topics ranging from search engine marketing to leadership to blogging.  I think that knowledge is the only thing that separates our Atlanta search engine marketing firm from the competition, so I read all the time.  My favorite blog is Be Excellent from Six Disciplines.

If you need help setting up or marketing your blog, give us a call at 404-541-9780.  Happy reading.