With all the buzz about blogs, you’d think that people with really popular blogs would make tons of money. There are people in the blogosphere claiming to get $100,000 checks each month from Google for their AdWords campaigns. And maybe they do, but how many of those bloggers are out there and should we all aspire to this lofty goal?

The truth is, very few people get rich by blogging. So how few? I suspect that less than 1,000 bloggers out of the 80+ million blogs make a lot of money. And if you eliminate the people that already made a name for themselves before they started blogging, like Seth Godin or Guy Kawasaki, I bet it’s even less than that.

My good friend Toby Bloomberg has been writing the Diva Marketing Blog for a few years now. She blogged when no one knew what a blog was. Today, her blog ranks #2 in Google for “Marketing Blog”. According to Technorati, her blog is ranked 1,726 out of 80+ million blogs (our blog is ranked 186 in Technorati).

So, does Toby make hundreds of thousands of dollars off her blog? If you get your blog to position 1,725 in Technorati, will you get rich?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Toby does make a nice living as a blog marketing consultant and speaking on blogging, but her blog isn’t her primary money maker.

I was playing golf with one of my other good friends, Jeff Hilimire, a few weeks ago. He owns a great web design shop here in Atlanta called Spunlogic. The Spunlogic Blog is great. All of their employees write and contribute some great stuff to the blog. Their blog is ranked 185,753 in Technorati.

So I asked Jeff, “do you get any business leads off your blog?” He missed his two foot putt, looked at me, smiled and said, “no.” I was hoping he would say yes, which would get me working much harder on this blog! I guess Jeff should spend more time putting and less time blogging.

The lesson here is to blog about something you love. Do it for love, not money. To get to the top of the blogosphere, it takes a lot of time and energy. You have to pick a topic or niche people care about. You have to write about interesting things. Then you must promote your blog, write some more, promote your blog, write some more… You get the idea.

Oh yeah, I was just kidding about being 186 in Technorati. Maybe someday!