Well it has been quite an interesting couple of months for Google.  As an Atlanta Digital Marketing Agency, we have seen the demise of the Google Adwords Keyword Tool as we knew it, implementation of the new Google Adwords Keyword Planner as well as the Hummingbird search algorithm update. We now get to experience the release of the Estimated Total Conversions feature in Google Adwords.


Google Estimated Total Conversion Feature Infographic

There are a few details about the new Estimated Total Conversions feature that should be factored prior to completely trusting it’s data.  Currently, the cross-device conversion tracker is only available for search ads and cannot be integrated with AdSense or Google Display Network campaigns.  Being that the Estimated Total Conversions feature is new, there will be no conversion estimation in the event of limited data.  To receive benefits from the data collected through the Estimated Total Conversions Feature, it is required that Adwords Conversion Tracking is used as well as a record of at least 50 daily conversions be present to have a high accuracy rate related to estimated cross-device conversions.  While this feature does have it’s limitations, Google has announced that they are working to add to this feature and provide even more data very soon.


Take a few moments and click on the enclosed link to support.google.com and adwords.blogspot.com to learn more about this new and impressive feature.  Thanks Google for keeping us Search Engine Marketers on our toes!