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1707, 2014

Google Adds Free, Useful Tool for Paid Search

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Google launched a free app yesterday that allows you to access, edit and manage your adwords search campaigns. Titled “Adwords Express”, the app allows full access into campaigns, allowing you all the management capabilities that you would have on your desktop.

While it is still easier to manage and optimize campaigns on a laptop or desktop, […]

506, 2014

Google to Mobile-ize New Search Engine Results

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If you have been reading the blog posts here at TwentySix2, you have likely been hit over the head many times with a simple idea, three words long.
Mobile. Is. Important.

Have you been out in public lately? Just about everyone is staring at a phone screen, no matter where you look. Public is starting to feel […]

306, 2014

Google adds another log to the already confusing local listing fire

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Your Google Local Listing used to be easy. You would set up a local listing in Google’s Local Listings for Business Dashboard, mail yourself a postcard pin, and then edit and improve your listing until the end of time.

Then, Google+ happened. And Google wanted to make Google+ a thing. Real bad.
And in order to do […]

1004, 2014

Google Begins to Limit Paid Search Data – CUE THE JAWS THEME!!

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Search marketers have been quite unsettled for a while now as Google has limited the amount of data available in Google Analytics. They have done so to “protect the privacy” of their users who use the Search Engine while logged in under a Google account. What used to be a wealth of keyword-specific data in […]

804, 2014

Google Rolls Out More Schema Support

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One of the best perks of working at TwentySix2 so far, for me, was getting to attend SMX East 2013 in New York City. SMX East was a meeting of the minds of search marketing, headed by Danny Sullivan and Search Engine Land.

Sure, I got the flu the moment I got on the plane and […]

2803, 2014

Get on the Mobile Train. Toot Toot!

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Everyone’s doing it and it’s transforming the way we live, work and play. It’s mobile. Is your company taking all the right measures to ensure your mobile experience is the best for your audience?

It’s no longer the day and age when only adults age 25-35 surf the internet in their free time on a desktop, […]

1402, 2014

Some PPC Tricks for an ROI Fix

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When you are auditing a large Paid Search campaign, it can seem pretty daunting. There’s so much data available in so many different campaigns and adgroups that it is hard not to get Analysis Paralysis before you even start. If you need some tricks to fix your Paid Search campaign, I’ve come up with a […]

1102, 2014

Now that’s what I’m talking about! Bing Ads offers better data with a reporting update

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In an age where online marketers are finding it harder and harder to pinpoint data and gather worthwhile statistics, Bing Ads has given the industry a nice little boost by announcing an update on their reporting capabilities.

This mostly effects conversion data, making it more robust and easier to use by adding the full set of […]

2012, 2013

Hummingbirds, Pandas and Penguins, Oh my!

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Google’s 2013 Year End Review
Google underwent a lot of changes this year, as there were 3 different algorithm changes keeping marketers on their toes. While many SEOs lament the changes Google constantly makes, the Search Engine giant claims to simply be trying to provide the best, most accurate results for their users. Here are the […]

1812, 2013

Video Ads See Tremendous Progress in 2013

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The nature of online marketing and SEO dictates that we, as marketers must constantly be on our toes and investigating the direction of the industry. New technologies and the evolution of how we interact online means that we are consistently attempting to find new ways to reach users. That’s what made a recent study by comScore […]