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John Waddy is founder and CEO of TwentySix2 Marketing. He has a Bachelors degree in Marketing from Georgia State University and a Masters of Science in Technology Management from Mercer University. John began his career with IBM and MSL Atlanta before launching his own marketing agency. TwentySix2 Marketing provides SEO, paid search, display ads, content marketing, social media, email marketing and web design services to large and small companies. John is a native of Atlanta, an avid golfer and an Eagle Scout. His best job is being a father to his daughter Katie Waddy.
2602, 2016


By |Crowdfunding|

Here is a Kickstarter project we helped a client with that reached its’ 30 day goal of $15,000 in funding in just 6 days. If you’re thinking about running a crowdfunding campaign, TwentySix2 Marketing would love the opportunity to guide you.

Building a successful and compelling Kickstarter campaign requires strategy, content, videos, rewards and social media integration. […]

2502, 2016

Employee Skills and Expertise

By |Business|

At TwentySix2 Marketing, we invest a lot of time, money and energy into employee training. Training for employees varies depending on their position, but we do ask every employee to do some learning on their own by reading 5 books that we think helps set our agency apart from others. We have a complex training […]

2302, 2016

Things Just Changed BIG TIME!

By |Google|

Google just announced that they are doing away with paid search ads along the right rail for desktop computers. This changes everything! Paid search is now more important than ever, and organic search listings (driven by SEO efforts) may be less valuable than ever before.

Here is what’s changed:

PPC ads will only be on the top […]

1707, 2015

You Need Leads, Not Followers

By |Online Marketing|

When we started our marketing agency back in 2001, there were only  a handful of Atlanta search engine marketing agencies.  My how times have changed!  Everyone seems to be trying to get into the SEM business.  There are even radio and TV commercials now, which makes me laugh by the way.  If you know how […]

1706, 2014

Why You Need a PPC Expert

By |Paid Search|

Paid search used to be a pretty simple tool for companies to manage but over the last few years Google has made paid search very, very complex. In the old days (early 2000s) you only had a few choices to make when setting up a new account, but my have things changed.

SEO is Harder
Yes, search […]

105, 2014

Brands & the Future of Links

By |Link Building, SEO|

When Google noticed that people were using links to take advantage of their algorithm, they starting rolling out a series of their friendly animal named changes. Some sites got punished. A lot of links got ignored. And then what?

The short answer is that content and link strategies now focus on quality over quantity. Links from […]

2403, 2014

What Makes Viral Content Viral

By |Content Marketing|

I recently got a link forwarded to me from a lawyer friend of mine.  I usually don’t open those joke emails or political emails that everyone sends around.  Yes, they are probably very entertaining and/or informative, but I don’t have time for such nonsense.  However, my friends email baited me with the headline:

This Millionaire Playboy […]

1903, 2014

Marketing is Complicated

By |Content Marketing|

When we started our Atlanta search marketing agency back in ‘the good old days’ of 2001, we had just three employees working out of a small condo on Roswell Road. We didn’t know it back then, but online marketing was easy in 2001. Search engine optimization and paid search were in their infancy and most […]

2101, 2014

3 Low Tech Tools that Will Change Your Life

By |Business|

I belong to a CEO networking group called EO – Entrepreneur’s Organization.  It’s a great organization with great people and it has helped transform my business.

I joined EO and continue to belong to EO for a couple reasons:

1) EO offers some great educational, business leadership seminars from some nationally-known speakers.

2) I enjoy belonging to a […]

2001, 2014

What To Say, What Not To Say

By |Blogs, Content Marketing|

One of the most popular posts on almost every blog this time of year is a roundup of the most popular blog posts for previous year – 2013.  While we have a few interesting and popular blog posts on our own blog, I thought it might be even more interesting to share the blog posts […]