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901, 2014

Google FINALLY gives us better data in WMT

By |Google, SEO, Website Analytics|

Jennifer Slegg did a good job, over at SEWatch, of recapping Google’s most recent update to Webmaster Tools. If you haven’t read her entry, I suggest you go read it now.

I’m not going to recap everything she wrote, but the newest update has left me with some opinions.. and some lingering questions.
Opinions About The Change

The […]

2612, 2013

New TwentySix2 Office

By |Online Marketing|

Last month, TwentySix2 moved offices from our Buckhead office to the Peachtree 25th Building. The 25th Building is a 10-story high-rise building, located on the corner of Peachtree and 25th streets in northwest Atlanta between Midtown and Buckhead. Peachtree 25th building was built in 1960, here it is in 1965 (on the far left.)

We are finally […]

2412, 2013

Link Building in 2013

By |Link Building, SEO|

2013 was an important year with a lot of changes in regards to link building strategies. Links have been, and always will be important. “How Link Building Changed in 2013” by Julie Joyce breaks down some important topics, in link building this year, such as:

disavowing links
requesting reconsideration
cleaning up your links

People have always talked about it, […]

1212, 2013

Google Webmaster Tools: Upgraded Structure Data Reports

By |SEO|

Google Webmaster Tools provides you with detailed reports about your pages’ visibility on Google, and keeps tracks of your sites overall health. A recent upgrade was made to the Structure Data dashboard to now show specific items with errors. This change will allow you to easily fix the issues you are having with the structured […]

1012, 2013

Local Search: How to Create a Long Term Strategy

By |Local Search, SEO|

Many believe that local search marketing is becoming more difficult. Myles Anderson, author of an article titled 62% of Marketers Say Local Search is Getting Harder, believes this is partly because of “regular product updates, algorithm changes, and increasing mobile search usage.” In order to stay on top of local optimization, one must complete several steps […]

512, 2013

Ads are now labeled as “Ads” in Google Now?

By |Uncategorized|

Ads are now labeled as Ads in Google? What is this test Google is running right now?

These bright yellow labels that are showing up to the left of paid search ads are sparking much debate in the PPC world. Many advertisers believe it will lower their CTR. In Google’s defense, this is a limited test […]

3110, 2013

The Importance of Landing Pages

By |Ecommerce, Google, Online Marketing, Website Analytics, Website Design|

Recently, I was working on a client’s PPC campaign. We had a very low CTR for one of our campaigns. We checked our ad copy, bidding strategy and several other factors. After doing some more research, we decided we needed to change the landing page that we were sending people to.

Landing pages are critical in […]

2810, 2013

Why Google’s Review Ad Extensions are Important

By |Google, Paid Search, SEO|

Google’s ad extensions display extra business information in your ads such as address, phone number, webpage links or even a coupon. The newest add extension from Google is out – reviews. The review ad extension allows advertisers to include third party reviews, rankings and awards to their paid ads.

Reviews must follow Google’s policies, be under 67 characters and will be reviewed by human-based systems to ensure validity and policy compliance.

To add a new review, click the Ad Extensions tab and choose Review Extensions. You must submit a “new review” in your account, specify whether it is a paraphrase or direct quote, and provide source and source URL. It will take a couple days for the review to be approved by Google. And, as always, make sure you use a legitimate review from a reputable source.

This ad extension option can help differentiate your business in campaigns that are competing against a lot of other business bidding for the same keyword. It is also a good idea to use the review ad extensions in conjunction with multiple other ad extensions.

Google has placed extra importance on the use of ad extensions in their latest adwords ad rank algorithm. Using ad extensions can influence ad placement and cost-per-click.

To read more about Google ad extensions, visit Google’s Ad Extensions Support Page.


1710, 2013

YouTube Optimization: Local Search Benefits

By |Blogs, SEO, Social Media|

YouTube optimization is a strategy that is often overlooked, but is a tactic that can be very beneficial to the local search optimization of one’s company. It is important to remember that a YouTube video should always be compelling, and the subject should provide valuable information to the viewer. From there, you can use the […]

1510, 2013

Optimizing for Facebook: What You Need to Know

By |Blogs, Social Media|

Facebook now has the ability to, like Google, detect high quality content on your page. Jordan Kasteler tells us that like content on any web page, it is important that the content on your News Feed “be timely, relevant, trustworthy and valuable.” Learn more about how to better maximize your visibility on Facebook’s News Feed from […]