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3001, 2014

You’re Telling Me That I Can Appear at the Top of Google by Paying for Ad Space? Yes! And Here’s How You Can Start

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What’s my budget? Who’s my target? What type of ads should I use? These are all questions you may ask yourself when starting a paid advertising campaign on Google Adwords. These questions, along with many more, are great topics to brainstorm on how you’re going to leverage the best ads to the best target to […]

2801, 2014

Don’t Let Google Stop You from Analyzing Google’s Data: 5 Coping Strategies for “(not provided)”

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If you’re looking for frequent change in your online marketing life, Google is your go-to source. It’s recent changes with keyword performance privacy makes for reporting a little more difficult. What exactly does this mean? This “(not provided)” is thanks to Google implementing “secure searches.” So, when a user searches for something in Google, they […]

2301, 2014

Knowledge Graph Carousel in Search Results

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Google is always experimenting with ways to improve not only the order of the results but also the best way to maximize the conveyance of the information returned.

Recently they added the Carousel results to the search results on selected searches. What they said was “With a carousel at the top of the results page, you […]

2101, 2014

3 Low Tech Tools that Will Change Your Life

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I belong to a CEO networking group called EO – Entrepreneur’s Organization.  It’s a great organization with great people and it has helped transform my business.

I joined EO and continue to belong to EO for a couple reasons:

1) EO offers some great educational, business leadership seminars from some nationally-known speakers.

2) I enjoy belonging to a […]

2001, 2014

What To Say, What Not To Say

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One of the most popular posts on almost every blog this time of year is a roundup of the most popular blog posts for previous year – 2013.  While we have a few interesting and popular blog posts on our own blog, I thought it might be even more interesting to share the blog posts […]

1701, 2014

Growth – Outward and Inward

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Many business pundits contend that if a business doesn’t grow, it will die.  I understand this statement on one level, but I disagree on another.  It’s great to grow sales if you are ready for it, but the fastest way to go out of business is to sell more products or services than you are […]

1001, 2014

The Naked Brand, SEO, and Success

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We all know that the claims of traditional SEO death are about 50% bull. The question is which 50%, and what does it mean for your company’s opportunities to make money through the internet?

While I’ve got some strong opinions on the subject, it’s not always been easy to explain things to clients and prospects. That […]

901, 2014

Google FINALLY gives us better data in WMT

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Jennifer Slegg did a good job, over at SEWatch, of recapping Google’s most recent update to Webmaster Tools. If you haven’t read her entry, I suggest you go read it now.

I’m not going to recap everything she wrote, but the newest update has left me with some opinions.. and some lingering questions.
Opinions About The Change

The […]

301, 2014

Trends and Opportunities in Digital Marketing Strategy

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Being that digital marketing is essentially inbound marketing in the truest form, analyzing trends and creating a digital marketing strategy for a client based on collected data from user engagement is the crux of the biscuit. Google also offers some pretty great information to use for this purpose through Think Insights.

This past year we saw a […]