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3112, 2013

Predictions for Mobile SEO in 2014

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As my colleagues and I begin to explore the “what” and “how” of SEO while moving into 2014, we realize that there is still a valuable industry “mobile” oriented discussion at hand for digital marketers. We have been optimizing for mobile through the construction of mobile sites and responsive design as well as engaging with social […]

2612, 2013

New TwentySix2 Office

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Last month, TwentySix2 moved offices from our Buckhead office to the Peachtree 25th Building. The 25th Building is a 10-story high-rise building, located on the corner of Peachtree and 25th streets in northwest Atlanta between Midtown and Buckhead. Peachtree 25th building was built in 1960, here it is in 1965 (on the far left.)

We are finally […]

2412, 2013

Link Building in 2013

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2013 was an important year with a lot of changes in regards to link building strategies. Links have been, and always will be important. “How Link Building Changed in 2013” by Julie Joyce breaks down some important topics, in link building this year, such as:

disavowing links
requesting reconsideration
cleaning up your links

People have always talked about it, […]

2012, 2013

Hummingbirds, Pandas and Penguins, Oh my!

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Google’s 2013 Year End Review
Google underwent a lot of changes this year, as there were 3 different algorithm changes keeping marketers on their toes. While many SEOs lament the changes Google constantly makes, the Search Engine giant claims to simply be trying to provide the best, most accurate results for their users. Here are the […]

1812, 2013

Video Ads See Tremendous Progress in 2013

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The nature of online marketing and SEO dictates that we, as marketers must constantly be on our toes and investigating the direction of the industry. New technologies and the evolution of how we interact online means that we are consistently attempting to find new ways to reach users. That’s what made a recent study by comScore […]

1212, 2013

Google Webmaster Tools: Upgraded Structure Data Reports

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Google Webmaster Tools provides you with detailed reports about your pages’ visibility on Google, and keeps tracks of your sites overall health. A recent upgrade was made to the Structure Data dashboard to now show specific items with errors. This change will allow you to easily fix the issues you are having with the structured […]

1012, 2013

Local Search: How to Create a Long Term Strategy

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Many believe that local search marketing is becoming more difficult. Myles Anderson, author of an article titled 62% of Marketers Say Local Search is Getting Harder, believes this is partly because of “regular product updates, algorithm changes, and increasing mobile search usage.” In order to stay on top of local optimization, one must complete several steps […]

512, 2013

Ads are now labeled as “Ads” in Google Now?

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Ads are now labeled as Ads in Google? What is this test Google is running right now?

These bright yellow labels that are showing up to the left of paid search ads are sparking much debate in the PPC world. Many advertisers believe it will lower their CTR. In Google’s defense, this is a limited test […]

412, 2013

How to Create a Custom Google Analytics Dashboard

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If you find yourself using Google Analytics to monitor your website performance and tend to look up the same metrics each time, it may be a good idea to create a custom dashboard so that all of your wanted key performance indicators can be in one place.

Once you set up your dashboard with the different […]