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2608, 2010

Google Reinforces the Importance of Social Media with Realtime Search

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As you would assume from the name, Google Realtime Search provides search results in real-time with a dynamic stream of content from across the Web, live and automatically updating instantaneously.

What Realtime Search does is,

gather news stories,
blog posts,
updates from social networks
and it presents them in a constantly refreshing stream

How it Helps You:

Cut through the noise
Beat journalist […]

2408, 2010

2 Search Engines that Count…ah-relief

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According to Bing this a.m. Today I am happy to share that Bing is powering Yahoo!’s search results in the US and Canada (English only for now, the other languages will come in the weeks and months ahead)

Bye bye Yahoo search, hello Bing. Note the Powered by Bing at the bottom of the Yahoo! search […]

1908, 2010

Location-based Social Networks: Trend or Social Networking Trait

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According to Mashable and HubSpot, location-based social networks are becoming a mainstream feature of social networking. Well yes, I would say so…now that the most popular social network in the world has a location-based social network.

Facebook Places for Socialites

Individuals can sign into Facebook Places and allow Facebook to know their location. They can then […]

1808, 2010

Interactivity with Compelling Entertainment = Campaign Success

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Nowadays, your goal in a marketing campaign must be to engage consumers. How do companies that have successful social media campaigns do this? A stud on a motorcycle, perhaps.

Successful social media campaigns are fun. They get the viewers to immediately want their best friend to see what they just saw and laugh as hard as they […]

1708, 2010

PPC is Quicker than SEO. True or False?

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False. PPC is not necessarily quicker then SEO, anymore. Yes, PPC used to be a quicker way to get results on search engines, and in many cases still is, however Google’s focus on providing the latest, freshest results (Google Caffeinated) and including results from blog posts and social media platforms, often within minutes, has made […]

1208, 2010

The Importance of Links

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Link popularity has long been the basis of Google’s entire organic search engine ranking algorithm.  That is, if you wanted to rank well in Google, you had to get a lot of high quality sites to link to your site.  The logic was that if someone was willing to link away from […]

1208, 2010

Twitter Provides a Two for One w/ Tweet Button

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1) Share Content

2) Promote

Say farewell to Tweetmeme and hello to Tweet Button. They could have come up with a more inventive name, but hey the tool’s pretty cool.

Not only can you now share content quickly via Twitter, such as a scandalous article about how MTV is giving Kanye West a second chance, you can promote […]

1208, 2010

Do Videos Help With SEO?

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You bet they do — Video can increase your search engine optimization and increase traffic to your site — if orchestrated correctly

Small and mid-sized businesses often struggle standing up to the bigger guys — earning visibility when the larger organizations consume it all. Video SEO is a powerful method of drawing visitors to your […]