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2806, 2007

The Truth About Blogs

By |Blogs|

With all the buzz about blogs, you’d think that people with really popular blogs would make tons of money. There are people in the blogosphere claiming to get $100,000 checks each month from Google for their AdWords campaigns. And maybe they do, but how many of those bloggers are out there and should we all aspire to this lofty goal?

2706, 2007

Five ways to legally spy on the competition

By |Reputation Management|

Having a website entitles you to no privacy, leaving every company on the Internet equally vulnerable to their enemies. Now, this sounds like a bad thing, but there is an advantage to this openness and I have already said it. EVERY company is equally open to scrutiny, meaning you have the same chance as everyone else to spy on the competition.

2506, 2007

X Marks the spot: Creating an Effective Landing Page

By |Online Marketing|

Search for any term in a search engine and you will get a list of results. From that list of results you can click on any link directing you to a website.

Type a URL in the address bar and a website will pop up.

Follow a link from one site to another and land on a website.

How to get to a website is the easy part. What to do when you get there is the hard part, this is where landing pages come in handy.

2006, 2007

The Nine Rules of Website Stickiness

By |Website Design|

“Try a little tenderness”

These words from the great voice of Otis Redding describe perfectly what a relationship should be between a website and its owner. Websites should be coddled, loved and spoiled. Remember that websites work for you 24/7, they represent you and everything your company stands for 100% of the time, so they need to be maintained.

But without any site traffic, the love you give your site won’t be apparent to anyone but yourself. Maybe you get some traffic on occasion, but it trickles off. So what can you do to your site to keep visitors interested and give others a reason to view it as well?

Get out the fly paper because we’re going to make your site sticky.

1806, 2007

Tools for Small Business

By |SEM Tools|

Abraham Lincoln once said “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” In the business of online marketing, the best way to sharpen the tool is to find a better tool. As online marketers, we are always on the lookout for better tools for […]

1206, 2007

State of the Blogosphere and Social Media

By |Social Media|

David Sifry is the CEO of Technorati, and he had written a great post on The State of the Blogosphere and Social Media. It provides great information on blogs and other social media trends. Great information!

Here is a quick summary:

70 million weblogs
About 120,000 new weblogs each day
1.5 million posts per day
Growing from 35 […]

706, 2007

An E-commerce Tool You Cant Live Without

By |Ecommerce|

There are a couple of great e-commerce tools we recommend to all of our e-commerce website clients. These tools let customers participate in live chat.

Each of these tools is a little different, but they’re all relatively inexpensive. Live chat tools help online visitors send quick instant messages to you so they can find what they […]

606, 2007

The Truth About Website Analytics

By |Website Analytics|

Webstie analytics tools, like Omniture (the tool we use) and Google Analytics (a free tool), are meant to help companies look at their website traffic and analyze the data in order to make good business decisions about marketing and website usability / design.

Website analytics software can tell you things like:

How many visitors you get (unique visitors, repeat visitors)
Who your visitors are (what country, what state)
Where your visitors come from (search engines, other websites, email)
What they do when they get to your site (pages they click, where they exit)
If they perform the desired ‘call to action’ (buy, fill out a form, sign up)

I recently worked with two very large Fortune 500 clients (we still love small business customers too) who had over $5 million each invested in website analytics technology that did not work. Their IT guy made excuses and blamed it on his predecessors. The software vendor blamed it on the hardware configuration and the old IT guy. My thought was “Hey, who gives a damn. Someone give me the $5 million back right now.”

If I paid someone $5 million, I assure you the damn thing better work, or I would be getting my money back. By the way, if you want to give me $5 million and get nothing in return, I could write this blog from the beach instead of my office! Sometimes big companies amaze me!

506, 2007

Top Blog List

By |Blogs|

With over 70 million blogs on the Web, searching for the best blogs can be an overwhelming process.  The good news is, there are a lot of “Top Blog” lists out there.  Everyone likes a Top 10 list – especially in the blogosphere where we like to scan.

The most well known top blog list is from Technorati.  […]

406, 2007

How to Leverage Social Networking Sites

By |Social Media|

There are a couple of ways to take advantage of social networking sites to grow your business:

Blog: Blog about the blogs and the websites that you want to get noticed by. Most bloggers are obsessed with checking their stats and keeping track of who’s linking to them. If you link to a website in a […]