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2905, 2007

Search Engines leave the Web in hopes of finding more money

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When you have the internet at your fingertips, why would you ever think of investing in an archaic television commercial (well archaic only because the internet is so dynamic)? The above question isn’t even a question for some who are seeking to close the gap in the searchosphere, like Yahoo! and When your competition is Google, you don’t ask questions, you just do it.

2905, 2007

The New Website Penalty

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If you have just built a new website using a new domain name, I have some bad news… You are not going to rank well in Google for competitive keyword phrases for at least a year…maybe two. Google penalizes new websites just for being the new kid on the block.

That said, we did […]

2505, 2007

“This is a Stick Up…..Gimme All your Domain Names!”

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Everyone likes a quick solution to something. In our society, we are consumed with getting desired results with minimal effort. A great example of this is weight loss via diet pills or even fast food. We barely wait on anything anymore. Unfortunately, with this consummation come other, more devastating avenues to get results in the “get rich quick” scheme of things.

With the internet, as with most things, people will find ways to cheat their way to the top. And as clever as thieves can be, their actions are generally prompted by pure monetary greed. One of the most disturbing cases of internet thievery is domain hijacking, where identity theft is used to trick the domain registrar into allowing the hijacker to change the registration information to steal control of an unexpired domain from the legitimate owner.

Ever heard of the case, one of the biggest internet rip offs in history?


2305, 2007

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I recently found a great study on the latest analysis of the Google algorithm. It gave some pretty deep insight into how the search engine giant evaluates and ranks websites, so I started to blog about the study and the findings…

Then it occurred to me that our knowledge and expertise is the one thing that […]

1505, 2007

White Hat, Black Hat, Gray Hat, Blue Hat

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The terms “white hat” and “black hat” are what many search engine marketing firms use to describe the methods used to improve a website’s ranking in search engines.

The origin of the terms translates from computer hackers, the ‘black hat’ hackers being those who abuse the internet for malicious acts, and the ‘white hat’ hackers who use ethics and practical guidelines for hacking, if only to improve the security of certain sites; the darker the hat, the shadier the hacker.


1505, 2007

What is the importance of a web directory and why you should use them?

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To answer this very critical question, we must first decide, what is a web directory? A web directory is a directory found on the internet that specializes in linking to other sites and categorizing those links (

Most directories are edited and reviewed by human volunteers who have expertise in a certain directory subcategory. An editor’s job is to weed out the most useful and informational sites relevant to a particular category and include them in the directory.

But why are web directories important?


1505, 2007

Dictionaries: Now for SEM lingo

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Being new to the world of search engine marketing is daunting. There is an entirely new vocabulary you have to learn that has yet to be adopted by Merriam Webster. So in my desperate searches to find out what META tags, SERPs, backlinks and CTR’s were, I stumbled upon this wonderful little index […]

1205, 2007

Keyword Research

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Keyword research is the process of identifying the keyword phrases that your potential customers type into search engines to find information about your products and services.  The goal is to identify the most popular and relevant keywords that you can target for search engine optimization and paid search.

There are many keyword research tools out there, but none of them are perfect.  In fact, if you test the same keyword phrase in each of the top keyword research tools, they will return drastically different search volume estimates.  So when you use these tools, you should understand that the goal is not to estimate the precise number of annual or monthly searches – the goal is to identify which keywords phrases are more popular than others. 


1205, 2007

Best SEM Tool Websites

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Here is list of some of the best seach engine marketing tool sites on the Web. Enjoy!

1205, 2007

Search Engine Simulator

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Search engine spiders crawl websites and read the content on each page. However, some site designs are too complex for spiders to crawl and correctly index the pages. Some things that can confuse search engine spiders include:

Flash websites
Pages built in frames
Sites that don’t have a sitemap

If you want to know if your site […]